Monochrome Mornings by the Sea

I’ve always believed that Sundays are reserved for long lie-ins, delicious brunches and taking some time out for yourself; luckily, I was blessed enough to be able to do all three of those things this morning. Accompanied by a warm and comforting flat white coffee and the sound of crashing waves, I people-watched as families, friends and couples passed by, all excited to be deep within the festive season.

As I sat by my bench, I thought to myself that I couldn’t have chosen a better outfit – the monochromatic dress was perfect for the sunny but breezy weather and casual enough for a seaside breakfast. And let me not mention, the belt bag! I couldn’t think of a better investment – I know it’s generally referred to as fanny pack, bum bag or moon bag but it’s aptly named “belt bag” because it’s meant to be worn below your chest as opposed to at your waist (the velvet touch is lovely too).

I’ve grown quite fond of summer dresses lately and purchased a few for the warm weeks ahead which I cannot wait to wear! This summer is all about care-free, easy days with many chances to look effortlessly stylish and relaxed – I’m excited!

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