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Skincare obsessions with Australian brand, Aēsop

There are a few things in life that I simply cannot resist: my boyfriend, my dog, melted camembert on French loaf and quality skincare products. In regards to the latter, when one thinks of a skincare brand that exudes expertise in their craft, it’s hard not to think of Aēsop.

aesop ivy wolfe skincare beautyaesop ivy wolfe skincare beautyBeing alchemists of products for the hair, skin and body that are known for their superior ingredients (a blend of man-made and plant-based elements) and luxe, minimalist, chem-lab type packaging, you can easily be drawn into the wonderfully smelling world of Aēsop.

After a brunch of pesto eggs on sourdough and a quick browse at the Aēsop area of the eatery (/menswear store/Aēsop stockists) Loading Bay, I chose the Aēsop products that I wanted accompanied by a cup of complimentary green tea and help from a knowledgable Aēsop consultant –  the Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm and the Primrose Hydrating Facial Cream came home with me as well as three B & Tea Balancing Toner samples.

As I’ve mentioned previously, my skin has become extremely dry as of late and it is constantly in need of nourishment and hydration. The Hydrating Facial Cream is made with Sage Leaf, Rosemary Leaf and Lavender Stem to bring a dewy component to my skin whilst making sure that it’s hydrated sufficiently. The Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm, made with Bergamot Rind, Vetiver Root and Petitgrain, brings moisture to soothe my hands and fingers. Both smell partially medicinal to me and I actually enjoy it.

Speaking to the Aēsop consultant, she stressed that it was important that my skin was properly cleansed and washed before applying the products as that was the ideal “environment” for the application to flourish in.

I’m incredibly excited to witness a change in my skin whilst using these products (especially with the use of the facial cream and toner). I’ve only ever heard excellent testimonies about Aēsop from a worldwide audience and I hope to one day expand my collection of Aēsop products.

If you’ve tried any Aēsop products before I’d love to know what you think of it – drop me a comment!


aesop ivy wolfe skincare beauty aesop ivy wolfe skincare beauty

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